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En Route to Mexico

Woke up early. Got a ride to the airport in Boston. Talked about my last days of living in an airstream next to a creek in the woods in Texas. Not much fun I guess. A lot of solitude with the occasional visit from a few friends here and there. I would take walks to break up the monotony of digitizing old film footage by walking to the lake for a sunset stroll and back to the woods. Sometimes I’d just walk to an old corner store to grab a good ginger beer. They had the one in the gold and silver can. I forgot what it was called. Found out about that kind when I was living in Nola and my ex had a bad case of the shits and needed to settle her stomach. That was a long time ago and a shitty time in Nola. I’ve been back a few times since and it’s been better. So I’m on a plane now sitting next to the window. I’m on my way to Texas right now. There’s a little chop this tin can is going through. Appalachian mountains are below me. Cool place. Heard some crazy guy hacked a couple with a machete but one lived and got to the cops. The killer was from Cape Cod where I just came from. He looked crazy on the news. I guess you’d have to look crazy to do something like that to people. I took a dump in the restroom a little while ago. I noticed the restroom was a little dated. Not like the rest that were modern and stream line. This one had an ashtray right in front of me while I shit. Made me wonder if anyone famous shit here and flicked ashes in the ashtray in front of me. Oh well. I’m back in my seat and there’s a little “chop”. Headed to Houston. I’m hoping to get there and eat some Mexican food with my cousin. Food is good in H-Town. JS

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