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I played on Cape Cod

I woke up in Boston at the hotel. Laid in the bed staring at the ceiling for about 20 or so minutes. Well rested I think. I got a call from the front desk that my bag and guitar arrived. That was a relief. Thoughts ran through my mind the night before that I was going to just sing without guitar like a gospel dude or Lou he act without the band. Maybe I would’ve just done some karaoke, sang the hits. I’ve only got two. Inxs and Journey. Oh and the pussycat song. I don’t think that song would go so well these days because I think it’s about vaginas or something. Took a shower, ate some breakfast and caught a lyft. My Lyft driver was cool. They usually all are. He was from Africa. I think Rwanda. We both talked about growing up poor and Fela Kuti. I got dropped off at a bus stop where I waited for about an hour for a bus that was going to take me to the bridge connecting the cape to the mainland. Cape Cod is technically an island. There’s a canal that separates the two. Got on the bus and got dropped off at a Dunkies (Dunkin Donuts). Had some coffee and toast and my friends arrived to pick me up. Got settled in near Harwich Beach in a friend’s family home. Slept in the attic. It was kinda spooky but also cool. Time warp to the early 80s. The next day was the show at Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters. The coffee place on cape. There’s others but not like this one. Did a sound check, sat outside and thought about life shit and did my best to deal with the nerves. The nerves are always a thing. I went first out of three. Was kind of weird to see a poster with my big face on it holding a guitar. Thawed out of ice. Should be the name of my album. Walked in, sat down, introduced myself and said I was from Texas. Played songs, talked about life in between and asked people questions about living on the cape. Food, wardrobe and ufos. I talked about my dad a bit then played a song I wrote for him at the hospital while he was on his death bed. Another good album or song title. Death Bed. The crowd laughed, my friends laughed and I laughed. It was a good time. I drank a cold brew coffee after and talked to new fans and danced to some Peruvian music while packing up. CJ was after me. His songs are pretty good. Reminds me of some Modest Mouse meets Lou Reed stuff. I’ve always loved CJ’s music. It was good to share the stage with him. We connect. Shannon Davis was the headliner. This woman needs to be at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas. She’s good, like really good. She did two covers towards the end, Phil Collins and U2. Tough ones to pull off as covers but she did and made them even more awesome. I could right more about that night but it’s time to eat this donut while staring off out into the ocean. I’m in a good place. Thank you Cape Cod for open arms and making me feel welcome every time.

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