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Los Angeles

I recently flew out to Los Angeles to direct a few music videos and have some meetings about some projects I’m working on. I’ve got to say that this experience was a good one and after thinking about it for a bit I realized how when you’re in a healthy mindset and doing positive things trips like this tend to be awesome. While here I shot three music videos for some talented artists, I had a meeting with Vans to discuss future projects, I had a meeting with Beta Petrol productions, hung out with my good friend Christopher Matthew Cook, filmed some stuff with Salba, rode a train, skateboarded, filmed some stuff in East LA, ate at some new places and watched the Oscars. As a kid growing up in Texas I never in a million years thought I’d be directing in East Los Angele where some of my favorite movies were filmed. My morning routine was a quick 1 mile walk to La Terraza for some good coffee and breakfast and the a walk back to my temp stay then go to shoot. I‘ve been to LA many times for film stuff but this time it was different. I was there with no stress and in a better mental place than before. Man the shit you have to go through to get there. Fun times. JS

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