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Pavement and Texas bbq

In 1990 in Texas I was just some skater punk kid sitting in a sweltering hot bedroom and occasionally cockroaches would fly in through an open window. It was so damn hot there. The only thing I had to take my mind off the heat was this crappy sound design stereo that was a hand me down from my dad. Throughout that summer I would attempt to get reception from the local college radio station. Local being that it was a good 70 miles away from my bedroom. One night I was anticipating something from either Minor Threat or the Misfits so that I could record the music onto an overdubbed cassette tape I found. I was trying to make a comp tape for my friends and I. Fucking ghetto I know, but it's all we had back then before someone had access to a car to go to record stores or shows. Instead of the usual punk or metal bands or some freeform jazz they would normally play they played a track from the band Pavement. Since that night I have been a fan of their music. Fast forward about 27 years and here I am driving at night in the rain to Lockhart, Texas (known for bbq) with my best friend Jason Andres. Our destination is this old laundromat where I am going to direct a music video for Scott Kannberg (Spiral Stairs, co-founder of Pavement). We showed up and filmed it in about two hours and I sent it to his Labels within a week. The rest is history. Oh yeah, Jason and I stopped at Whataburger for some celebration food. It was delicious. This shoot meant a lot to me because I was able to work with my friends and to me that's so important. Jason and I back in the day used to cover Pavement songs live in front of people and we sometimes would get booed off stage. So there's that. #Pavement #SpiralStairs #Blackmagicdesign

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