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Sigur Ros in Boston

I landed at Logan and made a break for baggage claim after departing the plane. Logan, not a bad airport. There’s a Pete’s Coffee that has the worst breakfast but the cold brew coffee works just fine. If you have weak teeth and you‘re hungry don’t eat a breakfast sandwich from Pete’s. You’ll break your mouth. Okay so I got down to baggage claim and waited at the carousel for my bag and guitar. The belt stopped and guess what? No bag nor guitar. Went to the baggage claim people and found out that my stuff was in Newark and not Boston. My clothes and hygiene stuff was in another state. Awesome. The lady helping me was nice and said it would be delivered later this evening. One thing for sure about United Airlines, they are good on their word. I got a Lyft to my hotel, tried to take a nap (I’d been up since 3am El Paso) and it was 6pm Boston. At some point during the flight over my friend on Cape offered up her tickets due to a last minute emergency. I was super grateful. I got the ticket and hauled ass over to the Wang Theater in the Theater district of Downtown Boston. An area I was familiar with very well. I stayed at a hotel around the corner once and ate Japanese food across the street. Saw a play in the park and ate some cookies in an alley the last time I was there. The Wang Theater has to be one of the most beautiful venues I’ve ever set foot in. Wow. I felt like I walked onto the set of the movie Amadeus. The high arched ceilings and the woodwork and detail was fucking incredible. The seats were the old style wood and cu of the old days. The 80s and before. They were comfortable though. I sat alone in a spot with a direct line to the stage that was about 30 feet away. This was the first time seeing Sigur Ros for me. I’ve been inspired musically by them for the past 20 plus years. First song I cried under my mask and it was okay. The music brought up a lot of emotion. I think it was because after every death and or breakup they were my go to for years so seeing them perform live was heart hitting. I sat there and watched the entire show and drank my seltzer water. I only cried for one song. The rest were songs from their entire catalog blown out with a phenomenal light show and fog and images projected behind them while performing. Towards the end of the last song I got up to go pee and just ended up leaving after that. A shit show with the Uber went on for about an hour. Two Uber drivers couldn’t locate me so I was stuck there at ground zero thinking about an ex. Ugh. That music really brought it out. Tired as fuck and hungry I finally made it back to my hotel. The Marriot downtown. Super nice. my clothes and guitar still haven’t arrived and I had a show to play in two days out on Cape Cod. I had some anxiety but all of it went away after I watched some YouTube videos of old 90s QVC shows. Ridiculous. Time for bed. Same underwear for two days. Goodnight and thank you Ashley and Sigur Ros.

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