I recently had the opportunity to direct a few things for the Chinati Foundation out in Marfa, Texas as in way the hell out there far west Texas Marfa Texas. It was a two and a half week shoot with an amazing crew and with some amazing artists and staff. I guess this is the introduction to my recap on the experience. It’s not everyday you get asked to film for a highly respected art destination such as Chinati which was founded by the internationally known artist Donald Judd. I also had the opportunity to test out some knew gear provided by one of my sponsors Miller Tripods. Big skies and french fries.

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It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything here. I’m currently in Wellfleet where everything is closed for the most part due to Covid. I’m hanging with my dog Kiko looking out at the bay. its a nice place and great white sharks frequent these waters. I ate 12 spicy nuggets and just stared off into the ocean while my dog growled at people passing by. He’s a little shit sometimes. I’m not here for long. I’m headed back to the dumb state of Texas where the governor should be rolled off a cliff like the dude from the movie Mac and Me. They canceled Bear Week out here and I’m bummed. Anthony Bourdain stood around this very spot and probably smoked a cigarette and though about making rent back in the 80s. I’ll write some more. Listening to Kurt Vile. JS

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Woke up early. Got a ride to the airport in Boston. Talked about my last days of living in an airstream next to a creek in the woods in Texas. Not much fun I guess. A lot of solitude with the occasional visit from a few friends here and there. I would take walks to break up the monotony of digitizing old film footage by walking to the lake for a sunset stroll and back to the woods. Sometimes I’d just walk to an old corner store to grab a good ginger beer. They had the one in the gold and silver can. I forgot what it was called. Found out about that kind when I was living in Nola and my ex had a bad case of the shits and needed to settle her stomach. That was a long time ago and a shitty time in Nola. I’ve been back a few times since and it’s been better. So I’m on a plane now sitting next to the window. I’m on my way to Texas right now. There’s a little chop this tin can is going through. Appalachian mountains are below me. Cool place. Heard some crazy guy hacked a couple with a machete but one lived and got to the cops. The killer was from Cape Cod where I just came from. He looked crazy on the news. I guess you’d have to look crazy to do something like that to people. I took a dump in the restroom a little while ago. I noticed the restroom was a little dated. Not like the rest that were modern and stream line. This one had an ashtray right in front of me while I shit. Made me wonder if anyone famous shit here and flicked ashes in the ashtray in front of me. Oh well. I’m back in my seat and there’s a little “chop”. Headed to Houston. I’m hoping to get there and eat some Mexican food with my cousin. Food is good in H-Town. JS

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